Taking the industry by storm, The Soundkillers are responsible for creating impressionable beats with infectious lyrics for iconic superstars such as Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, T-Pain, Fabolous, Bow Wow , Juelz Santana, Bruno Mars, Bun B and Wiz Khalifia. Founded in 2006 as implied in the group’s name, music of The Soundkillers moves beyond the boundaries of existence taking captives into an unheard universe with hypnotic vibrational disturbances and sensational written expression. Assaulting production boards are Soundkillers’ producers REO, Phoenix, Shamtrax, and writer Dion Primo who are responsible for transmitting a rhythmic style that has already abducted the listening ears of some of today’s hottest superstars.
What his illustrations displayed is that music has always been an incessant force motivating REO’s cause for existence and his means for creative expression. Recalling his experiences in art school, REO suggests “The muse of my artwork was music. I would create artwork and the music would be there.”“By the time you get that placement that trend could come and go so you got to find your sound” says Phoenix who maintains self awareness and individuality thereby proving that uninhibited talent conquers all. A messenger of music, his is a production or rather a manifesto displaying an individual truth as ShamTrax makes the following declaration of his music, “Everything is natural. It’s built off of emotion. I come up with a melody and it expands, it pours. People can feel it.” Giving voice to The Soundkillers is songwriter Dion Primo adds yet another dimension to their growing influence. “I wanna make it cool to be yourself again. No matter what and who you are” admits Dion Primo, a man of many faces who translates the many truths in his work.
The Soundkillers possess an immense buzz leaving notable artists and critics at a standstill while ensuring future collaborations with high profile acts as well as broadening their appeal beyond the genres of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop. In an industry starving for creativity, the Soundkillers are ready to dismantle the system, subtracting all traditional defenses and putting it all back together again, with an alternative flavor that kills.


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